3.7 - 8.Mar.2005

  • Man page bug fixes from Debian via Dave Swegen.
  • Source code reorganization.

3.6.1 - 13.Sep.2002

  • Compilation fixes for newer GCCs; problems reported by Rene Blokland.

3.6 - 21.Aug.2001

  • Added ‘rat’, ‘ox’, ‘tiger’, ‘hare’, ‘dragon’, ‘snake’, ‘horse’, ‘ram’, ‘monkey’, ‘rooster’, ‘dog’, and ‘boar’ layouts -- the whole Chinese zodiac! -- contributed by Todd Michel McComb <mccomb@medieval.org>.

3.5 - 30.Jun.2001

  • Added native support for KDE Mahjongg (kmahjongg) tilesets and layouts. (The tilesets must be converted to GIF format; kmahjongg uses BMP.) Brought to my attention by Jim Broderick <broderick@linuxfreemail.com>.
  • Another compilation fix reported by Rene Blokland <reneb@cistron.nl>.
  • Fixed bug: xmahjongg would ignore some button release events.

3.4 - 17.May.2001

  • Compilation fix for newer gccs.

3.3 - 3.Apr.2000

  • Game play change: If a tile is selected already and you click a tile that doesn’t match, the selection is transferred to that new tile. (It used to just beep at you.)
  • Bug fix in permstr.cc: now xmahjongg can be compiled with recent versions of gcc. The error was a strange use of va_arg(). Reported by C. M. Connelly <c@eskimo.com>.

3.2 - 5.Jan.2000

  • Added two new tilesets: ‘dorothys’, a colored version by Dorothy Robinson <mokuren@teleport.com> (the old ‘dorothys’ has been renamed to ‘dorwhite’), and ‘real’, scanned images of some real Mah Jongg tiles provided by Mark Sanctuary <sanctuary@jps.net>.
  • Added new tileset format. Check ‘share/tiles/real.gif’ to see what it looks like.

3.1 - 30.Dec.1999

  • Some small changes to hopefully fix a mystery bug: Some people report that xmahjongg appears with no tiles visible. I can’t replicate this.

3.0 - 19.Dec.1999

  • Finally completed number font!
  • Better support for very thick tilesets and tilesets with lower-right direction shadows.
  • The ‘thick’ tileset is now the default.
  • Speed improvements on highlighting and unhighlighting tiles.
  • The match count no longer bleeds into the layout area when there are a lot of matches.
  • Can read Kyodai Mahjongg layout files. (See http://www.kyodai.com/)

3.0b11 - 17.Dec.1999

  • Added ‘dorothys’ tileset, thanks to Dorothy Robinson <mokuren@teleport.com>, artist of the original xmahjongg tiles. Also added support for tilesets that don’t have lower-left direction shadows.

3.0b10 - 12.Jan.1999

  • Fixed buffer overrun bug: xmahjongg wouldn’t load anything but the default layout.

3.0b9 - 28.Dec.1998

  • The xmahjongg package now uses automake.
  • Use the failing-malloc library to avoid problems with some systems’ bad realloc() definitions.
  • Improved error messages on bad files.

3.0b8 - 5.Nov.1998

  • Added support for Gnome Mahjongg-style tilesets. (Well, almost: while Gnome Mahjongg reads XPMs -- and probably every other format, using imlib -- xmahjongg can still only read GIFs.)
  • Added two tilesets from Gnome Mahjongg: ‘gnome’ and ‘gnome2’. These tilesets were apparently created by Jonathan Buzzard and Max Watson.
  • Shrank the border around the layout to waste less screen space. The default tileset with default layout will now fit on a 1024x768 screen.
  • Renamed the ‘--board’ option to ‘--layout’. Moved ‘share/boards’ to ‘share/layouts’. Renamed the ‘tall’ tileset to ‘thick’.

3.0b7 - 26.Sep.1998

  • --help’ now prints to stdout, following the GNU Coding Standards.
  • Made ‘--solvable-boards’ the default.
  • Makefiles: Added ‘make uninstall’ target, enabled ‘./configure’s program name transformations, made VPATH builds possible.

3.0b6 - 17.Sep.1998

  • More configuration changes so it’ll work with egcs or gcc-

3.0b5 - 16.Sep.1998

  • Made it compilable with egcs.

3.0b4 - 12.Sep.1998

  • Fixed several display and clipping bugs.
  • Added ‘--list’ and ‘--background’.
  • Initial display and new-game display are cleaner.
  • Cleaned up Panel and Board by removing unused or duplicate members and functionality.

3.0b3 - 10.Sep.1998

  • Who the hell knows.

3.0b2 - 7.Sep.1998

  • Big release after the summer. Traversal, solutions, bug fixes, cleaned-up code, a first go at a tile count, etc., etc.

3.0a1 - 1997

  • First release.

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